TainData Tierra Data Monitor at Tellurian Wines
Powerful Data Monitoring for Growers
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About TainData

We make data monitoring systems for growers.

TainData makes data monitoring devices and software for growers of wine grapes, apples, pears, avocadoes, citrus, nuts, sugarcane, potatoes, grains, turf and more.

We have been building agricultural data monitoring devices since the early 1980s, and web software since the mid 1990s. Our technology is used by some of Australia's largest producers, as well as some leading boutique producers. It is also used by several universities and government bodies for research, and by non-government organisations for major publc-benefit projects, which include pesticide spray drift mitigation and protection of the Great Barrier Reef.

TainData Tierra

TainData’s Tierra is the most versatile data monitor.

The TainData Tierra is a data monitor for growers.

It connects to the cloud via the widely available IoT (Cat-M1) cellular data network, and automatically uploads data throughout the day and night.

Growers use it to monitor soil moiture, soil temperature, air temperature, canopy and crop temperature, rainfall, humidity, sap flow, stem diameter, water potential and other attributes in plants and the environment.

It can also be used for frost alarms, cool room alarms on temperature and CO₂ and countless other applications.

A single Tierra can read data from multiple SDI-12 inputs, four tension block inputs, four voltage inputs, and two switch/pulse inputs, making it the most versatile data monitor available.