TainData Tierra Cat-M1 Cellular Data Monitor

The most versatile data monitor

The TainData Tierra is a data monitor for growers.

It connects to the cloud via the widely available IoT (Cat-M1) cellular data network, and automatically uploads data throughout the day and night.

Growers use it to monitor soil moiture, soil temperature, air temperature, canopy and crop temperature, rainfall, humidity, sap flow, stem diameter, water potential and other attributes in plants and the environment.

It can also be used for frost alarms, cool room alarms on temperature and CO₂ and countless other applications.

A single Tierra can read data from multiple SDI-12 inputs, four tension block inputs, four voltage inputs, and two switch/pulse inputs, making it the most versatile data monitor available.


Product name
TainData Tierra – CatM1

Data Interface/Network
LTE Cat-M1, Telstra (activated on nearly all Telstra cellular towers in Australia as of 2021)

Over 20km from cell tower is achievable with high-gain antenna, if terrain allows signal transmission

Power source
2 x 18650 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 2600mAh 3.7V

Battery discharge duration
1-2 years at recommended logging rate and data upload frequency (1-hourly logging, 3-hourly upload). May be shorter or longer with different settings

Available logging/uploading frequencies:
10min, 15min, 30min, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4hr, 6hr, 12hr, 24hr

Inputs - base unit
Multiple SDI-12 inputs (maximum 3 recommended but more may work depending on data size) – For soil profile probes, wind speed/direction sensors, sap flow sensors and other compatible sensors
2 x Pulse/Switch inputs – For rain gauges, flow meters, on/off sensors or other pulse/switch sensors

Inputs with additional adaptors
4 x Voltage inputs (0-1V) – For temperature, voltage, other sensors that send voltage signal
4 x Impedance inputs – For tension blocks (Watermark blocks for light/sandy soil, Gypsum blocks for heavy soil)

Antenna options
External whip antenna supplied as standard
High-gain directional antenna available for lower-signal areas

Supported Probes/Sensors - Base Unit

Soil Profile Probes
EnviroPro - Soil Moisture+Temperature+Electrical Conducivity capacitance sensors, from 40cm up to 1.6m length
Aquacheck - Soil Moisture+Temperature capacitance sensors, from 40cm up to 1.2m length

Wind Sensors
TekBox TBSWS1 Anemometer
TekBox TBSWV1 Wind Wane

Sap Flow Sensors
Implexx Sap Flow Sensor

Atmospheric sensors
TekBox TBSHT05/TBSHTP05 Air Humidity, Temperature and Barometric Pressure Sensor

Water Potential Sensors
TEROS 21 Soil Water Potential Sensor
Decagon MPS-6 Dielectric Water Potential Sensors

Implexx SD-5T Small Stem Dendrometer

Tippping Bucket Rain Gauges
Davis 6465M
WatchDog 3655R
Hyquest TB6

Supported Probes/Sensors - With Tension Block Expansion Card

Tension Blocks
Malvic Gypsum Block (0-510kPa, for heavy soils)
Watermark 200SS solid state soil water tension sensor (0-200kPa, for light/sandy soils)

Supported Probes/Sensors - With Voltage Expansion Card

Atmospheric sensors
Temperature sensors (for soil, air, crop, water)
Relative Humidity Sensor
Solar Radiation Sensor
Vaisala GMP252 CARBOCAP Carbon Dioxide Probe

Purchase Enquiries

For more information, please contact:
Tom Howard
(+61) 0435 205 399

TainData Tierra Cellular at Ten Minutes By Tractor, Hastings, Vic
TainData Tierra Cellular at Ten Minutes By Tractor, Hastings, Vic
Tierra Data in Panorama Web App on various devices
Tierra Data in Panorama Web App on various devices